Oyewale Omowunmi Oluwayemisi Welcome Back Party / Get together Lekki, Lagos.

Oyewale Omowunmi Oluwayemisi Welcome Back Party / Get together Lekki, Lagos.

A particular well known lady called OYEWALE OMOWUNMI OLUWAYEMISI A.K.A (Yemi-my-luver) the main and C.E.O of Bukunmi Oluwasina Fan Group called (Bukunmi Oluwashina Crush @ (B.O.C) coming back home with a mindset of booming her country Nigeria Lekki, Lagos with her lovers  and members. We have come to realize the big party was organize for her by her member due to her well behave , caring, honest, friendly, loving and respectful lady full of different talent and skills, she is indeed a role model to all her members and lovers. Omowunmi Oluwayemisi reply the reason of supporting all her members for the welcome back get together party, organised for her. 

She said “Am in love with all my members, they are my Joy giver, my irreplaceable can’t turn down their request. They all mean a lot to me, ever since the group was created my entire sorrow and pains wipe off because I don’t have even have time to think of what could make me sad. Every hours, minutes, seconds and days by days my members are always gallant with me, despite am not back to Nigeria yet”.  She also said ‘I have over 600 members but hardly did I know 10 memebrs , so tell me I won’t support there request, I want to see the people dying for me over 2years , did you think its easy to love someone you haven’t see before not for once, yet they all listen to all my rules, regulations, protocol , as in my members are one in million, if possible there is second life, I will ask for such a members again. 

Oyewale Omowunmi Oluwayemisi Welcome Back Party / Get together Lekki, Lagos.

Furthermore she said “The party/Get together is not for only to make fun but full of interesting, games, jokes and lastly for Educational Purposes”. Fact about her role model and why she is so much in love with her role model @BUKUNMI OLUWASINA OMOWUNMI deeplt reply to a member question, if momma we be coming to the party, she reply deeply by saying if God is by her side nothing is impossible, she proceed by saying can't wait to see her in particular. 


Oyewale Omowunmi Oluwayemisi Welcome Back Party / Get together Lekki, Lagos.

YEMI-MY-LUVER move forward by appreciating all her groups Excos and Admin, Group Abroadians for supporting the PARTYwholeheartedly, she gives thanks to her Brother wife for been there for her and also appreciate her Event Planner for his Hand work towards the successfully of the upcoming party.

Hey Lovers you are all invited to the PARTY taking place @ Lekki , Lagos, Kingfisher & Cubana Club house … Yemi-my-luver and her members telling the general public not to miss the Event/Party by JANUARY/11/2020 . Vests are also sold at the rate of 5k. Love you all…

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