MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting 2019

MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting 2019

Good day viewers and subscribers of this blog, today I want to give you in details how to get free MTN Browsing cheat via Stark VPN Settings. This week MTN stopped the ByPass Harmer settings, so am gonna give you the alternative which is the stark VPN, although is not unlimited but its capped 500MB which can be used for social media to chat with friends and families.  Without wasting much of our time let’s get into it. Thanks to ENTCLASSBLOG C.E.O Victor Onyikeachi our boss May god continue to bless him.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting 2019


  •       An Android Phone
  • ·        MTN Sim without Data
  • ·        3G or 4G Network
  • ·        Stark Vpn DownloadHere

Steps to connect to Stark VPN and Settings

  • ·        After installing the app, launch Stark Vpn

  • ·        Then under Select Tweak, choose Custom.

  • ·        Tap the Custom at the right corner.

  • ·        Now, tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP

  • ·        Tap Server Port and put 8080.

  • ·     Click, Header Host and put or

  • ·        Tap Select Header Line Type and choose MultiLine

  • ·        Tap Proxy Host and put

  • ·        Tap Proxy Port and put 8080

  • ·        Then go back to the app home page. Use the AUTO SERVER and tap on the power button to connect and enjoy free browsing on your MTN line.

Now you can minimize Stark Vpn and start browsing the internet.
Now you can enjoy your MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting , and enjoy don't forget to subscribe to our blogs, share this cheat to your friends and family. 

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