2019 Fast APN Settings for Glo 3G and 4G Sim

APN Setting for Glo 2019

Welcome again subscribers and viewers of this great blog, today am going to post in details the full APN settings to enjoy Glo Browsing both on 3G and 4G SIM.  i update you with MTN fast APN Setting Here. We all know that Glo is naturally slow in almost all locations. The browsing speed is really so frustrating even with full network bars. With this simple APN settings that I will drop here in this post, you would notice an increase in speed when browsing with your Glo sim.

I will be dropping two settings. One works well for both Glo 3G and 4G sim, and the other mainly works well on phone that supports Glo 4G LTE or 4G enabled phone. Try this settings if you got a good glo network in your location yet your browsing and downloading speed is slow. Thanks to C.E.O of Entclassblog.com, he is among the GURU who provide cheat and find all source of free browsing cheat in Africa. Continue the good job sir, God bless you.

2019 Fast APN Settings for Glo 3G and 4G Sim


For 3G Sim

·        Go to Settings in your phone

·        Tap on Mobile Network

·        Then tap on Access Point Names

·        Now edit the Access Point Name you already have

·        Then change your APN to

·        That's all. Then Save the settings. You will notice a good increase in speed when browsing or downloading.

For 4G Sim

·        Go to Settings in your phone

·        Tap on Mobile Network

·        Then tap on Access Point Names

·        In the list, tap on gloflat

·        Then scroll down and tap on “Bearer (Unspecified)” option.

·        Tick these list of networks (LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSD PA). 

After that, save the settings and you are done. You would notice the increase in speed when browsing with your Glo sim. If it worked for you, please let us know in the comment box below. Don't forget to share to your friends and family. 

Hot!!!: 9Mobile now Offers Free Whatsapp to all Subscribers

Hot!!!:  9Mobile now Offers Free Whatsapp to all Subscribers

Welcome once a again, Thanks to Victor Onyikeachi, here we give you the details on 9mobile free whatsapp, 9mobile is here with her loyalty rewards to customers. You can now enjoy free Whatsapp all day on your 9mobile line. This is a new offer from 9mobile to help bring families, friends, and businesses together.

9mobile is offering free Whatsapp on its network for all Nigerians at no cost. This offer is available for both old and new customers on postpaid/prepaid packages.

Whatsapp Business accounts are also eligible for free Whatsapp access on 9mobile network. With this, you can keep in touch with your clients, business partners and colleagues.
9mobile free WhatsApp includes text, images, video and other multimedia content sharing, excluding voice calls, video calls and status updates.

How to Qualify for 9Mobile Whatsapp Access

You have to purchase any of their preferred data bundles using this code *200*3*1#. Your main data will be used for other things while enjoying WhatsApp chat free of charge.

According to 9mobile 
The whatsapp offer is certainly a novel one as it allows our customers to put their data to other uses while they enjoy chatting and bonding with friends and loved ones on whatsapp for Free. The offer also empowers customers to promote their businesses using Whatsapp as data which would have been used up on whatsapp can now be used for other things with the free whatsapp offer by 9Mobile.

Share this with your friends and family. 

MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting 2019

MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting 2019

Good day viewers and subscribers of this blog, today I want to give you in details how to get free MTN Browsing cheat via Stark VPN Settings. This week MTN stopped the ByPass Harmer settings, so am gonna give you the alternative which is the stark VPN, although is not unlimited but its capped 500MB which can be used for social media to chat with friends and families.  Without wasting much of our time let’s get into it. Thanks to ENTCLASSBLOG C.E.O Victor Onyikeachi our boss May god continue to bless him.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting 2019


  •       An Android Phone
  • ·        MTN Sim without Data
  • ·        3G or 4G Network
  • ·        Stark Vpn DownloadHere

Steps to connect to Stark VPN and Settings

  • ·        After installing the app, launch Stark Vpn

  • ·        Then under Select Tweak, choose Custom.

  • ·        Tap the Custom at the right corner.

  • ·        Now, tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP

  • ·        Tap Server Port and put 8080.

  • ·     Click, Header Host and put smartapp.mtnnigeria.net:8080 or mtn1app.mtn.com

  • ·        Tap Select Header Line Type and choose MultiLine

  • ·        Tap Proxy Host and put

  • ·        Tap Proxy Port and put 8080

  • ·        Then go back to the app home page. Use the AUTO SERVER and tap on the power button to connect and enjoy free browsing on your MTN line.

Now you can minimize Stark Vpn and start browsing the internet.
Now you can enjoy your MTN Free Browsing Cheat via Stark VPN Setting , and enjoy don't forget to subscribe to our blogs, share this cheat to your friends and family. 

Completely Sponsored Australian Government Scholarships for International and African Students In Australia

Australia Awards, a foundation of the Australian Government’s change help program for Africa, offering access to affect learning and skilled headway open doors for qualified African nations. On their portion to the working environment, Australian Government has given this suit African understudies, knowing the course that there are different picked and fit, low-wage understudies the world over, who on an extremely fundamental level require cash related resources and access to information to better their enlightening future. For a few years now, Australian Government should see informatively qualified and on a basic level stimulated, low-wage understudies the world over to join the status in Australia.
Australian Government will work enthusiastically through their operators with understudies routinely held social occasions and courses to help them all through the application structure to get request and acclamations to take off to schools in Australia. The expense for the application strategy is kept up, including confirmation costs for required systematized evaluations and gives free assistance to the Australia Education.
Application Deadline:
Course Type:
Scholarships are open to look for after (Undergraduate, MBA, and Postgraduate) program.
Think Subject:
Scholarships are allowed in the field of study offered by the attracting schools.
Tendency will be given to the most qualified sure whose outline joins Africa.
Award can be taken in:
Permit Benefits:
1. The University Composition Fee at the fitting rate of the study
2. A help compensate for a lone understudy (14,900 AUD for a year at the 2018 rate; prepared rata for courses shorter than a year)
3. One economy single airfare at both the begin and end of the course
4. Inbound visa costs and the expense of the Immigration Health Surcharge
5. Quick change financing – from 500 AUD to 2,000 AUD, subject to the length of your course, to go to social affairs and courses.
6. Family review – up to 10,120 AUD for a first tyke and up to 4,320 AUD for an ensuing youth. No financing is obliged an extra
All application should be submitted online before the application deadline.

Buy Any MTN Mifi Bundle And Get Free 4G Mifi Device

Buy Any MTN Mifi Bundle And Get Free 4G Mifi Device

Good day viewers and subscribers. Today we’re gonna post MTN Mifi Bundle Package and how to get free 4G MiFi, MTN has been releasing new offers from March. Now MTN went further to introduce bigger data plans for small and big companies, and any individual or offices who wants big data plans. MTN officially made the announcement on their on their social media page. Thanks to Entclassblog C.E.O VICTOR ONYIENCHI for his update. 

According to them, they said;

The proposition offers customers a free 4G MiFi upon purchase of any data bundle worth N30,000 and above at any MTN store. Howe ever, customers can still purchase the bundle via all other channels, but will not get the free MiFi.

What this implies is, when you purchase any data worth N30,000 or more from any MTN office, you will be given a free 4G Mifi. But if you purchase the data through USSD code, you won't get the free 4G Mifi.

Inorder to get the free MTN 4G Mifi, you have to walk into any MTN office nearest to you and purchase N30k worth of data or more.

But if you are not interested in the free 4G Mifi, you can go ahead and subscribe via SMS short code. This offer is tagged MTN Mifi Bundles. It works for all devices, be it Android, Tablet, iPhone, Laptop etc.

MTN MiFi Bundles Price and Validity

Data    -   Price     -   Validity   -     Code
100GB      N30,000    60 Days      Text "138" to 131
120GB      N50,000    90 Days      Text "133" to 131
150GB      N75,000    90 Days      Text "134" to 131

Wrapping up: Buy Any MTN Mifi Bundle And Get Free 4G Mifi Device
85GB is an upgrade for 120GB, isn't that cool. Don't forget to share to your friends and family. 

Get Free 500MB on MTN via Smart Feature Phone

Get Free 500MB on MTN via Smart Feature Phone

Good day viewers and subscribers of this wonderful blog, here we bring you the details and steps on how to get free 500MB Data Monthly on MTN Smart Feature Phone,  although it’s been long we post on this blog which we are apologizing for that but trust us we bring you latest free browsing cheat as its hot.  Without wasting much of your time here, lets get into the stuff.

MTN is now releasing new offers after they announced the MTN Mifi Bundle Offer. This time around MTN now giving you best smart phone feature just for you. Thnks to Victor Onyikeachi C.E.O of Entclassblog

MTN NGhas just introduced a Smart Feature Phone at an affordable price. The phone has been designed with you in mind, providing a compact, high quality device while keeping the cost lower for a smartphone.

As we all know MTN always wanted to get enough customers using their sim, therefore getting this smart Feature phone will give you 500MB data every month for Good 6Months.

Isn’t it interesting???

Features of MTN Smart Feature phone

Get Free 500MB on MTN via Smart Feature Phone

 The MTN Smart Feature Phone runs on KaiOS and has at the following apps: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Maps, MyMTNapp , FM Radio, Google Assistance e.t.c.

It offers Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity and includes other smart services. The phone has two basic cameras, dual-Sim support and a long battery life - thanks to a 2000mAh battery. It is powered by the SC7731EF processor, has 2.4-inch screen, 256MB RAM and 512MB of storage.

How to Get Free 500MB on MTN via Smart Feature Phone

According to MTN

Cheap isn’t always bad and here’s the proof. A smartphone for everyone is here #JustForYou with N8,000 you can enjoy the benefits of owning a smartphone + 500MB data bonus every month for 6months!! Great right?
What this means is that, you have to walk into any MTN office nearest to you and buy the MTN Smart Feature phone which cost N8,000. After inserting an MTN sim into the phone, your line will be activated for the free 500MB data per month for 6 months.

Wrapping up: Get Free 500MB on MTN via Smart Feature Phone

This is a good offer if you can grab it, don’t forget to check your 2019 freebrowsing cheat for all networks here, share this post to your friends and family.

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