NNU Income Program: How to make 50,000 Naira on NNU...Read Details.

Note this is a Sponsored post…. NNU REVIEW CENTER… for those of you willing to make money online in Nigeria, this is a great opportunity for you. When I told a guy about this NNU INCOME PROGRAM he shun me and tell me that’s how MMMcame and scam them and all their investment, revenue, money just been scammed on their website.

 Imagine this word….!!!

NNU is a platform for reading news, political update, Entertainment, download music and read many tutorials if you can. Firstly what comes to your mind first is that is this NNU of a thing is it legit or not, don’t worry by the end of this post you will know and can figure out.

NNU is an acronym of Nigeria News Update. A news publication platform that seriously shares her revenue with active user, verified and eligible members of the platform (NNU).

As BBCis for Britons, NNU is for Nigerians. The only difference is that BBC doesn’t share their revenue with active user on their site.

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This is not a Ponzi scheme or a program which require a must referral before you start earning. It is scam free and 101% legit.

The NNU income opportunity is sponsored by Nnu.ng website owned by Paul Samson. Nnu.ng is one of the largest Nigeria News website where you can read latest news on Politics and so on as highlighted above.

Don’t waste your time, some are making massive earning online every day by day so don’t miss this opportunity.

Now the next Question you’re making in your mind is that how can I make money through NNU Income Program (NIP)

NNU Income Opportunity is the easiest way to make at least 3$ equivalent to 1,000 naira through a referral. So there are 5 massive way to earn through this program. Which are stated below:

1.   Active Daily Login.

You will be paid 50 Naira daily, which mean any time you login in this website a day you will surely get 50 naira. But sometimes if they have not rewarded you for your daily login just log-out and re-login again, this time they will surely reward you. This is due to cookies which you have saved on the browser.

2.   Sharing Sponsored Post on Facebook Timeline.
NNUIncome Opportunity has paid you to read news. So for a registered user you will be able to share sponsored post on your facebook timeline daily to earn 100 Naira . Sometimes you might not get to login in a day so you can share yesterday sponsored post to your facebook timeline with an equal interval of 6-12 hours to post today’s sponsored post.

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3.   Comment on Posts.
Apart from getting paid to read news and share sponsored post, you can earn massively with commenting on each post in the website too. You will be paid 2 Nairaper comment on any news you comment on. There is no maximum comment you can comment per day…. So enjoy your earning with commenting.

4.   Submission of Post.
Nnu.ng Income Program has paid you for daily login, sharing sponsored post on your facebook timeline and commenting too and also you will earn by writing a post for them by creating a topic and write content, so if you write the post and the admin approve it you will surely earn 100 Naira.
 Imagine if you create 10 post per day  X daily login X commenting X sharing sponsored post you can earn = 1,350 per day….

So start writing post for them and get paid.

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5.   Registration Through Referral.
Registration through someone’s referral in NNU is very important. For every user you referral you will be credited with 1,000 Naira on your dashboard which is equivalent to 3$.

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You might be wondering maybe NNU is legit or real?? Don’t worry you will see proves.

How To Join The NNU Income Opportunity
To join NNU community, you need to purchase NNU income program pack with a token amount of N1,600 Naira Only (One Time Payment). Your application will get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack.

So be sure you have your 1,600 Naira before you proceed with this registration.

2. Enter your Email Address and username, click on vogue pay and then tick accepts terms and condition then click make payment. Note you can also use many means to get paid.

3. Once your payment is successful, you will be redirected to a page to complete your registration. 

4. Once your account has been approved, update your info and add your account details o that you can cash out your earnings on the NNU income opportunity. 

5. After updating your user information, you can start earning immediately on NNU news by commenting, sharing sponsored post and referring e.t.c.

How Did You Get Paid On NNU?
You will be paid directly to the bank account you provided during registration. All payments are carried out on 27th of every month from the Company’s Account “G-Cyber Technologies”. The minimum amount you can cash out on NNU is 5,000 Naira

Note: If you want to withdraw your money on the 27th you will need to click “WITHDRAW” in your dashboard by 25th of every month.

So don’t waste your time start earning…. Register HERE

Nnu Income Proof
These are some of the NNU income program proof;

 download (6)downloaddownload (4)

If you have any question or suggestion on this NNU Income Program you are free to comment using the two comment system by facebook comment or blog comment.


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