Going nude is trying to hide a lack of talent — Ronke Tiamiyu

It is very common to hear so many Nollywood actresses jump up almost on impulse to cry out they can take any role except going nude or having sex on set. Ironically, most of these girls wouldn’t hesitate to post nude pictures on social media platforms, all in the name of crushing on themselves and professing ‘self love’
These days, nudity seems the name of the game and so many are warming up to it with flourish. But for Miss Charismatic at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2013 and the founder of Miss Charismatic Nigeria pageant, Ronke Tiamiyu, nudity is not all trashy if the intent has positive connotations. To her, there’s distasteful and tasteful nudity.

“Nudity is a controversial topic these days as more women embrace their femininity and break from some of the older, more close-minded ideals of society,” she began airily, in a chat with Potpourri.
“Nudity for the sake of creating gossip to cause a stir and get people to notice you is really just trying to hide a lack of talent. Nudity can be artistic though. It has to be tasteful and fit the scene. It must tell a story. It cannot be nudity just for the sake of nudity. There must be an artistic element to it. I also think a person embracing their body, whether their body is beautiful, skinny, fat, a little chubby, athletic, it doesn’t matter, its an important message.
“People must be comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they are and not judge themselves and their body by society’s standards. All of us are flawed and have imperfections, and that’s okay. You should love your body and if in doing so, this leads you to pose nude or be nude in a scene, then I applaud that person because it takes a great deal of confidence to do it. It can send a great message to love who you are, the beautiful, imperfect you. Again, just so long as this is done artistically and not as a means to get noticed, then it’s just trashy,” she said.
Speaking about herself, the former beauty queen describes herself as a creative person who sees entertainment as a medium of expression.
“I am a creative person naturally and entertainment is the venue that I express myself, whether it’s through my beauty pageant, my clothing line, my blog, or even my personal modeling. I’m drawn to so many different parts of the industry that each expresses a different side of me. For example, those who know me as a beauty queen might be surprised by the writing I do on my blog, discussing news of Nigeria and the world,” she said.

source: https://www.gistreel.com/going-nude-is-not-trashy-when-it-is-artistic-ronke-tiamiyu/

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