Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calls God ‘stupid’ and a “son of a bitch”

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calls God ‘stupid’ and a "son of a bitch"

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has sparked controversy in his country after he called God stupid and a son of a bitch for the concept of the Biblical launch bank account of Adam and Eve.

Duterte, an suspension critic of the Catholic Church was addressing a summit in Davao City upon Friday, where he questioned Gods logic in the Biblical opening report of Adam and Eve.

Adam ate it subsequently malice was born. Who is this stupid God? Istupido talaga itong putangina kung ganoon (That son of a b**** is stupid if thats the accomplishment), he said, reported Rappler. You created something absolute and later you think of an matter that would tempt and taint the vibes of your expansion, he subsidiary.

Talking more or less his comments of the concept of original sin, the president said, That was your mother and dads carrying out  you werent born still, but now you have indigenous sin. What fresh of religion is that? I cant apportion in to it.

The controversial president association, I receive on there is a universal mind, but I cannot describe him as a human creature. But I in fact have the same opinion, I have this faith and abiding issue, but dont divulge in religion. He made same comments earlier this month during a meeting following the Filipino community in South Korea. If thats the Catholic God, thats a lie. Seek God right, he said.

His spokesman, Harry Roque has previously defended the controversial announcement as his personal belief.

That is the personal belief of the president, he said. We are pardon to permit in religion and we are along with understandable not to taking office on in religion. The president has his personal spiritual beliefs.

We cannot irregularity the president if he has no wisdom of hypocrisy and we should go along taking into account that because even behind he was just a candidate, he never hid that from us, he another.

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