White lady calls out Nigerian man after allegedly being scammed

White lady calls out Nigerian man after allegedly being scammed

Following the viral reports that the EFCC apprehended 12 fraudsters at Club 57 on Friday morning, a white lady who fell prey to the fraud scheme of a Nigerian man, calls him out on Instagram.
According to the lady identified as @sk_nana_momma on Instagram, the Nigerian man identified as Ovili Louis who she has known for 7 months, showed off his fraudulent side after she opted out of a relationship with him.
Here’s what she wrote below;

ATTENTION WOMEN OUT THERE! PLEASE SHARE!!The EFCC has been contacted. Beware of this person… I have “known” him 7 months now and beware!!! Do not fall for his lies!! He claims to be a Godly man… his true colors came out when I don’t want a relationship with him… I have every message he has sent me, all receipts of everything sent to him… please beware ladies!!! I fell in love with this man, my whole family and friends “knew” him… just a message for females to guard your hearts and minds and put God first always #lessonslearned#fake#godhelphim#exposed LOUIS OMENOGOR OVILI is the name he goes by. Please talk with this person with caution. His WhatsApp is Louis Okkin, Facebook name Omen Branded… BEWARE


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