Nigerian man arrested in India for online fraud

Nigerian man arrested in India for online fraud

A 38-year-pass Nigerian national, who is staying illegally in India, was arrested in attachment to the front online fraud from a restaurant in New Delhi last Sunday, May 6.

According to local media, he was using the description of a girl from a dexterously-to-realize associates for transferring maintenance earned by frauds.

SP (cyber cell) Jitendra Singh said that a woman named Glory alias Saumu from Tanzania was arrested in relationship in imitation of online frauds a few days ago. She had contacted a city-based businessman and sophisticated took Rs 4 lakh from him after calling him to Delhi as regards the pretext of some issue aligned mediation. Glorys intimates had made an distasteful video of the businessman to blackmail him. Glory had revealed that she was using the marginal note of a woman, Rita Katju of Delhi for the transaction of money.

During question it was found that Ritas account was mammal used by other person, Kingsley Chibueze. Kingsley had taken ATM card of Rita to use it to refrain money earned by frauds.

Ongoing testing revealed that Rs 16 lakh were certified to the relation of Rita and Kingsley had even withdrawn the money using her ATM card many times.

Later, a team of cyber cell was sent to Delhi to arrest the accused. The team contacted Rita, who was employed in airlines. Rita informed that she was energetic considering an online publicity company taking into account she met Kingsley. She told the cyber cell officials that she had definite her ATM card to Kingsley for matter target. The Cell officials told her to meet Kingsley after which she called him to a restaurant from where he was arrested by the team. The role of Rita is as well as brute investigated by the cyber cell.

Kingsley was brought to Indore later hint to Sunday and he informed that he had withdrawn share using Ritas ATM card. He was similar when a gang animated in online frauds. The kingpin of the gang is Obizie of Nigeria. Kingsley used to send him maintenance after deducting his commission. He said that many African nationals, who are indulged in online frauds, are staying in Delhi for many years.

SP Singh added said that Kingsley Chibueze had yield the country in 2011 upon three-month shape visa. After expiry of visa, he didnt recompense to Nigeria and was staying here illegally. He was changing his place in Delhi in order to evade arrest.

He informed that thousands of Nigerians are staying in Delhi illegally and they have made gangs for online frauds upon the pretext of marriage, jobs, lotteries etc.

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