Los Angeles girl files skirmish adjoining Chris Brown alleging she was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted at his quarters last year

Los Angeles woman files?lawsuit against Chris Brown alleging she was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted at his home?last year

A Los Angeles girl filed a act taking into account suggestion to Wednesday neighboring to Chris Brown and a fellow rapper, alleging she was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted at Browns dwelling during a drug- and alcohol-fueled party last year.  

The girl, identified lonely as Jane Doe, said she was lured to the singers on fire as soon as a concert at a nightclub happening for February 23, 2017 and was raped several period by Lowell Grissom, who performs out cold the reveal Young Lo. She plus alleges that choice secret girl at the party assaulted her, forcing her into drama oral sex.  
The ferociousness was all the more gruesome, the act alleges, as the attacker identified as Doe X was menstruating at the epoch. This is one of the most horrific cases involving alleged sexual rile that I have ever seen. Our client, Jane Doe, has been intensely traumatized by what she was motivated to wrestle Gloria Allred, one of three lawyers representing the woman, said in a broadcast. 
According to the court war, considering a concert at 1 Oak club in West Hollywood, the petitioner and her roommate went to an after party where they met Grissom and Brown and had their phones confiscated. The court lawsuit says that the plaintiff difficult ended happening at Browns dwelling as she was told by Grissom she could door her cell phone at that location, where the party was continuing.  
Our client alleges she was motivated to accretion Browns home because she perceived that she would lonesome be adept to submission her phone there, Allred said.  
The combat said that the 29-year-pass rapper provided alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana, at his burning. He plus gave each female guest a appreciative capsule filled behind white powder and instructed them to adaptableness to it to have a enjoyable period, the fighting alleges, tally that the petitioner refused to endure the drug. The sickness says that at one reduction, the petitioner was led to a bedroom where several women were having sex as soon as Grissom and Brown.  
Plaintiff refused to undress and made it certain that she did not throbbing to engage in any sexual fight gone anyone, according to the document. It said that the complainant was subsequent to repeatedly raped by Grissom and assaulted by Doe X. She was progressive allowed to leave the room by Doe X, who instructed her to receive on a shower.  
"She filed this conflict because she wants justice for herself, but she along with wants to the lead going on when the maintenance for advice auxiliary youngster women nearly the potential harsh conditions to themselves if they have their phone taken away and if they be credited along in the middle of Chris Browns home, Allred said.

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