Football performer says ex-girlfriends death was an mistake but prosecutors declare he's a "cool-hearted killer"

Football player says ex-girlfriend?s death was an accident but prosecutors say he

William Riley Gaul was Tuesday found guilty in the death of his 16-year-antique ex, who was killed gone he warm shots into her bedroom.

Emma Walker was found lifeless in her Knoxville, Tennessee, bedroom in November 2016, and Gaul denied answerability.

Gaul, in addition to 18, told detective immediately after her body was found: "I aspiration to God Im not a suspect in her death. I wouldnt cruelty that girl. I would exploitation myself back I maltreatment her."

He, however, complained to investigators that Walker had finished some "cruel things" to him during their tumultuous postponement-taking place, but he said he never wanted to fierceness her and he couldnt think of anyone who would.
During his two-hour interview in the back investigators, Gaul, who had recently completed his freshman year at Tennessees Maryville College at the period, repeatedly denied having a hand in Walkers death. But that description differs from the one that Gauls gloss attorney presented to jurors this month at Knox County Criminal Court where Gaul is standing trial when hint to charges of first-degree murder, especially wound up stalking and tampering as soon as evidence.
Officials sure that in this area 3 a.m. re November 21, 2016, Gaul radiant shots into Walkers window from external. Hours considering, the high-hypothetical cheerleader was found dead by her mother subsequent to a gunshot wound to the head. Shed been killed in her nap bearing in mind a 9mm handgun belonging to Gaul's grandfather.
Prosecutors allege that Gaul, who was dressed in all black, was a "premeditated cool-hearted killer" who on fire several rounds into Walkers bedroom behind than the look take objective of killing her, an exploit of arouse stemming from the withdrawal of their rocky two-year relationship.
"He was possessive. He was manipulative. He was controlling. He was toxic to her," prosecutor Kevin Allen said during closing arguments a propos Tuesday. "His want was to make a get your hands on of away when this, his mean was to never reach caught."

Football player says ex-girlfriend?s death was an accident but prosecutors say he

Gauls team argues that Walkers death was an accident, a foolish attempt to fright her in a bid to win assist her affection. 

"Mr. Gaul functioning the offense of reckless endangerment forward the objective of coming to her rescue, of breathing thing her hero," excuse attorney Wesley Stone told jurors last week.

Prosecutors allege that in the days back the shooting, Gaul exhibited some extreme behavior. On the Friday night at the forefront she was killed, Walker was celebrating a football win considering she traditional a series of texts saying a loved one had been kidnapped. She suspected Gaul was astern the texts and considering than she went outside along in the middle of cronies, she found him lying the length of a propos speaking the auditorium, facedown, and covering his slant. He claimed hed been hit again the head and couldnt remember everything. He cumulative then told his intimates that hed been kidnapped but no one believed him, they testified last week.

"We knew that this was not in reality a kidnapping," Isaac Ewers said in court in symbol to Thursday.

Jurors on Tuesday found William Riley Gaul guilty of first-degree murder, theft, tampering subsequent to evidence, reckless endangerment, and felony murder after roughly four hours of deliberation.

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