"My Boo's D**k is bigger than ur boo's D**k" teen girl writes after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time

"My Boo

A young Nigerian lady has taken to Facebook to boast about the size of her boyfriend's male member after they had sex for the first time.
Confy Josh shared photos of herself and her boyfriend, Danny Young engaging in PDA and revealed way too much information in the process.

Don't these little children have parents? Guardians?
She wrote:
First time to have Sex with him... My Boo's Dick is bigger than ur boo's Dick. I Love you Bby"My Boo?"My Boo?"My Boo?"My Boo?"My Boo?"My Boo?"My Boo? Danny Young"

"My Boo

After her post got massive reactions, she shared another post with photos of her and her boyfriend together.
Today's photo.. Guess what we had anoda Sex today"My Boo?"My Boo?
Dick so fat i can feel it in my head Danny Young forever love you," she captioned it.

"My Boo

Comfy, who lives in Owerri, Imo state, according to her bio, goes to Abia State University. She revealed that her unconventional post has earned her 400 friend request.
"400 Friend request within 2hrs shaa," she shared.

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