An off-faithfulness police commissioner thought a man stole $1.17 Mentos, in view of that he drew his gun

An off-duty police officer thought a man stole $1.17 Mentos, so he drew his gun

A man bought a pack of Mentos at an Orange County gas station, without help to have an off-faithfulness commissioner glamor his pistol upon him because he thought he stole the mints.
The incident took place upon March 16. Jose Arreola, 49, had already paid for the mints and slid them into his pocket. The commissioner at the in the previously saw him put the mints in his pocket and thought he had stolen it, for that reason he produced his semiautomatic pistol, and in a curt performance, pulled in the previously happening the pistol slide to chamber a circular, subsequently ordered Arreola to drop the item in front occurring upon the counter.
"Give that support going on  police commissioner," The manager yells as he points his gun at a horror-struck Arreola.
For a moment, Arreola considered how he might die on summit of a $1.19 pack of Mentos. He thought of his associates and how his wife will become a widow. 
Visibly shaken, Arreola says several period: "Oh! I paid for this."
At one narrowing, his approach is amazed as he looks to the attendant for forward. After holding his pistol out for eight seconds, the commissioner appears to put the pistol by now into his pocket subsequently warns:
"Try stealing that anew. Get your cash and depart."
As Arreola panics and steps out of the habit, the bureaucrat asks the cashier, "Did he allocate this?" The cashier answers yes. The superintendent asks if he is utter and the cashier says yes again.
The commissioner with tells Arreola: "My apologies, sir. My apologies."
Arreola is subsequently seen collecting the blazing of his fiddle behind and speedily makes his mannerism toward the exit. The incident took place yet again again 7 weeks ago, but the video unaided recently surfaced online.
 An off-duty police officer thought a man stole $1.17 Mentos, so he drew his gun
Recounting the situation difficult to the Orange County Register, Arreola envisioned how the considering few moments could unfold.
"I thought my wife could be a widow after tonight," Arreola told the California newspaper approximately his exploit taking into consideration than the Buena Park police commissioner.
Buena Park Police Chief Corey Sianez termed the fighting "disturbing". It has already triggered an administrative scrutiny, Sianez said in a Facebook announcement posted upon Friday.
Sianez adds: "I can certainly assure you that our investigation will be thorough, and if the supervisor is found to conduct yourself in violation of any policies and measures, he will be held accountable."
In the announcement, Sianez says the video suitably shows the commissioner drawing his gun "but not pointing it" at Arreola. But in the video shared online, the manager appears to raise his weapon toward Arreola, later speedily lowers it for the flaming of the prosecution.
Arreola has retained an attorney and seeks damages from the police department. He said the incident has left him shaken and he can't get it out of his mind.

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