+18... Questions for adults regarding #FineWomenThatEatAss

+18... Questions for adults regarding #FineWomenThatEatAss

#FineWomenThat EatAss and #FineMenThatEatAss is still trending and if there’s one thing we’ve observed from this, it’s that there are way more people who do this than are willing to admit. It’s almost as if it’s now a normal thing to dig around a person’s butt hole with your tongue.

So, this leads to our first question, if you meet a man or woman who you like very much and they tell you their greatest fantasy is to have their ass eaten, will you do it?
Secondly, what if you are married already and over the years, your partner begins to have such fantasy and asks you to eat their butt, what will you do?

Last but not least, what is the weirdest fantasy a partner has ever asked you to engage in during sex?

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