Help!! I Saw A Pack Of Condom With 3 Missing Condoms Inside My Wife’s Bag – What Should I Do?

Hi Guys,
Guess you all are doing great?
A concerned Naijaloaded user sent this to us. He needs your help on how best to handle the situation/problem he’s currently facing in his marriage.
Read his story below:-
My name is Sylvester Moses from Jos, am sending this mail with my eyes full of tears ðŸ˜¢ as I don’t really know what to do again.
I’m married with 2 kids. My kids and wife are the only things that makes me happy. I earn just 50k monthly but my wife earn more money than me.
So today, I got back home from work, walk into my wife’s room but didn’t see her. I called her name loudly and she answered from the Toilet and I told her it was me so she won’t get worried thinking it was a strange that entered her room.
I sat on the bed, saw her bag looking so full, I playfully dragged it closer to myself, I opened it but what I saw almost paralyzed me ðŸ˜¥ðŸ˜¥ðŸ˜¥
I saw a bundle of 1000 Notes (About 100k in total I guessed), I dropped the cash and continue searching her bag only to see a Pack of Condom with 3 condoms missing.

hese are the questions ringing in my head and giving me sleepless nights for some days now ðŸ˜¥ðŸ˜¥
Am tired, confused and frustrated. I don’t know what to do again at this junction.

Should I Just Let Her Go Or Continue With The Relationship?

I sincerely need your Advice so I can decide on what to do.
Please help me.
Thank you

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