South African Gay Man snatched up a Lady's boyfriend After investigation (Read Details)| Naijabomnet's blog

See how a South African gay man snatched a lady 

South African gay man revealed how he snatched up a lady’s boyfriend after she sent him to investigate her boyfriend’s sexuality because she was getting to peculiar from him.
 According to the gay man known as @odie_sa on Twitter, he said the lady who is a female friend of his sent him to go test her boyfriend if he's straight but he ended up snatching away the man from her and since then they have been together for four months.

 'He was dating one of my female friends. And because she was getting weird vibes from him, she asked me to go test if he’s really straight. Went to do the Lords work. We’ve been together for 4 months now,' he told a Twitter user who asked how he met the love of his life.

Source: Lindaikeji blog

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